Colmesneil High School Senior Parking Spaces

Beginning this year, CHS senior drivers will have the opportunity to pay $25 to reserve and paint/personalize a parking spot in the student parking lot.  The first row next to the street side of N. Ogden will be reserved for senior parking. This opportunity is limited to seniors on a first come, first served basis.

Seniors may reserve their spot beginning Tuesday, August 2nd 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Students must submit a parking design at the time they reserve their spot.  Reservations and parking designs must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Guidelines for designing your parking space

Think of your space as a shirt you wear to school, so your parking spot  design must meet dress code approval. Any design associated with gangs, advertising of alcohol, violence, obscene slogans, politics, religion, handicap symbols or symbols that may cause confusion or promote illegal activities will not be allowed or approved.  You may include your name, jersey number, musical instrument you play, your hobby, famous quote/saying (appropriate),  membership in organizations or clubs or anything unique to you that meets the administrative approval requirements. Please adhere to the guidelines so that this project can become part of a Bulldog tradition.

Painting Requirements

WATER BASED EXTERIOR LATEX paint is the only type of paint allowed for parking spaces. Students will also need to leave an approximate four inch unpainted border between the parking space lines and your parking space design. Please use blue painter’s tape to ensure the border of your parking space is accomplished. Before beginning to paint space, students will need to apply a base coat of white latex paint.

Other supplies you may need

Broom to sweep your parking space

Trash bag to dispose of trash from painting


Rags for cleaning brushes or rollers

Paint trays or drop clothes

Paint clothes

*Students may be asked to paint over their spot at the end of the school year. 

Remember, this opportunity is a privilege, so please make sure you follow the guidelines for this senior project.  

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Student Signature CHS Approval

Senior Signs for Senior Parade

This year, seniors will have the opportunity to create and post a senior sign on N. Ogden in front of student parking.  Signs can be personalized for individual seniors. They can be made of poster board, foam board or wood.  They will need to be staked to be placed in the grass in front of the student parking lot.  Seniors signs must be school appropriate and approved by CHS administration. They may be placed/posted from Tuesday, August 9th until Thursday, August 11th.  Signs must be removed by the end of school on Thursday, August 11, 2022.