School Board

Kenneth Graham, Bo Bendy, Twyla Darder, Eldon Franco, Kelly Eddins, Clay Bendy, Kenneth Adaway, Not Pictured - Luke Wilkinson

Regular meetings of the Board shall normally be held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. When determined necessary and for the convenience of Board members, the Board President may change the date, time, or location of a regular meeting with proper notice.

Twyla Darder, President twyla.darder@colmesneilisd.net Current Term: November 2018- November 2021

Kenneth Graham, Vice-President kenneth.graham@colmesneilisd.net Current Term: November 2019-November 2022

Kenneth Adaway, Secretary kenneth.adaway@colmesneilisd.net Current Term: November 2020-November 2023

Bo Bendy, Member bo.bendy@colmesneilisd.net Current Term: November 2019-November 2022

Luke Wilkinson, Member luke.wilkinson@colmesneilisd.net Current Term: November 2019-November 2021

Kelly Eddins, Member kelly.eddins@colmesneilisd.net Current Term November 2020-November 2023

Clay Bendy, Member clay.bendy@colmesneilisd.net Current Term November 2020-2023