Employment Opportunities
  • Child Nutrition Worker-Please see posting  for needed information and complete Service/Support Application.
  • Maintenance Worker Needed--Please contact Ramon Follmar at ramon.follmar@colmesneilisd.net, or 4090837-5757 ext. 1004, or see him at the bus barn.

  • 7th grade through 12th grade: Please send all resumes and application for position(s) below to walter.mcalpin@colmesneilisd.net
    • HS ENGLISH/DEBATE Teacher Needed
  • District positions: Please send resumes and application for the position(s) below to misti.mashaw@colmesneilisd.net
    • BUS DRIVERS NEEDED. Interested? Please contact Misti Mashaw or Ramon Follmar, Transportation /Maintenance Director.

Please download and complete the needed application listed below. Email to the appropriate address from above.


Bus Driver SubstituteProfessionalService Support