Dr. Scott Davis

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!
We are excited to start another campaign with the mission of education the children of
Colmesneil ISD. Our mission has three parts that are all very important in
accomplishing the mission: Academic growth and the ability to “show what you know,”
Behavioral growth in the way that each student treats themselves and others, and
Social growth that demonstrates that our students are becoming educated citizens who
can function in a fast-paced society with honor and kindness.
Our Honor Code helps guide each person in our district to interact with one another for
the best versions of each person. Our Honor Code is as simple as it is behaviorguiding: I will be respectful, responsible, honest, and kind to myself and others. We all
follow this code.
We have a Bulldog Creed that helps define what all educators believe about what we,
as a collective professional staff, do with the opportunities we have with our students
and one another. Those guiding elements are Purpose, Personal Code, Physical
Health, and Grit. You’ll see this full Creed on the website, and I wouldn’t doubt it if your
kids bring copies home, as well.
We will ask that you please join our efforts in accomplishing our mission with your
children! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, and thanks when
your children have positive experiences. We follow the chain-of-command to work on
issues as close to the decision point as possible.
The last couple of years have been hard on everyone. That is a fact. Now, we have the
charge to heal from those challenges and return this great endeavor to the high place of
honor it will always deserve.
We’re all proud to be Bulldogs. We are excited to work with your children. We want you
to also be proud of your school district and your children! Colmesneil ISD is a special
Dr. Scott W. Davis, Interim Superintend